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EV Charging Installation

EV Charging Installation

Our team of engineering experts help you avoid any headaches
Government Rebates

Government Rebates

Helping guide you through the financial incentive rebate programs
Fast Charging Stations

Fast Charging Stations

Keeping you fully charged for the future gives you the ROI you deserve
Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

All types of projects - big or small - are invited to work with us

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What we do!

Installing Canada's Electric Charging Stations

Our mission is to help electrify your transportation because you deserve to live in a clean world.

Install 200,000 charging stations by 2030


Introduce autonomous electric transportation


Transition Canada to 80% renewables by 2035

🔴 Indigenous energy

Protecting our lands.

Adopting electric transportation is one of the best things you can do to help care for your environment. Remember, your choice of transportation ought to benefit the world.

4500 +

Charging stations

1203 +

DC Fast Chargers




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Connecting our cities

Stay tuned as we partner with nation wide networks to provide you with a seamless charging experience from East to West coast.

Reconnecting communities.

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