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There are unspoken etiquettes when it comes to electric vehicle charging. Before you plug in your car, read these tips to avoid trouble at the station.

1. Once you reach 80%, switch to a Level 2 charger.


Charging your EV at 100% every single time is in fact, not recommended by experts as it deteriorates the battery’s health. Moreover, fast charging your car is also not good for the overall functioning of your vehicle. Once the car is 80 percent charged, the majority of EVs scale down their fast charging rates. If another car is waiting for the fast charger when you reach 80 percent, you may choose to end your charging session or switch to a Level 2 charger nearby. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Avoid littering and blasting music from your car.

Please keep the volume of your music low and place your rubbish in the appropriate trash cans, and ensure a pleasurable EV charging experience for everyone.

3. Don’t occupy the parking spot for longer than you need.


Spaces for charging are just for charging. Drivers should remove their automobiles from the parking place as soon as a charge is finished to make room for other customers to use the charger. In some locations, leaving a car in an EV charging station when it is not actively charging might potentially result in a fine.

4. Remember the airport EV charging etiquette.


Don’t leave your car plugged in at the airport EV charging stations and disappear. Others also may need to charge their vehicle in order to get home. So, charge only for the distance you need to cover to get to your destination. If you need to cover a longer distance then charge until the next EV charging station.

5. When finished, reattach the connection.

By securing the connector in the charger holster, you can lessen the risk of it being damaged and stop other EV drivers from tripping over it.


Q. How long to charge an EV at the charging station?

A. With a 7kW charging station, it takes an average electric car (60kWh battery) slightly under 8 hours to get from empty to full.

Q. Is it better to charge the EV slowly?

A. Do it fast since slow charging releases a lot of heat. Therefore, charging slowly results in less heat and, theoretically, a healthier battery. This has the potential to reduce the life of your EV battery.

Q. What is the best time to charge the EV?

A. Most EV owners like to charge their electric vehicle battery at night when they are sleeping. However, you must be careful not to leave it on the charger for an extended period of time. Set the timer on your charger it has one to shut off at least one or two hours before you want to leave your house in the morning.

Q. Is it cheaper to charge an EV at night?

A. The area in which you reside, the season, and even the hour of the day when peak rates are in effect are just a few of the variables that might affect electricity costs. Late at night is often when power use and expenses are at their lowest.

Q. What drains an electric car’s battery?

A. The battery of an EV is drained by its heating and cooling the battery pack, the cabin, and its drivetrain.

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