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Manufacturers are disputing plug connector types and standards in the EV sector. Essentially, plug and socket shapes range from one manufacturer to the other. The main plugs are shown in the image below however, in this post we will cover the ones that matter the most aka DC fast charging EV connectors.


CCS Combo


CCS is an abbreviation for Combined Charging System. These plugs allow for fast DC charging and are intended to charge your EV quickly when you are away from home. The CCS socket is usually used in conjunction with a Type 2 or Type 1 socket. If you have a CCS Combo 2 socket in your car and wish to charge on AC at home, just plug in a standard Type 2 plug into the upper half while. the lowest DC portion of the connection remains dormant.



For quick DC charging, CHAdeMO competes with the CCS standard. These enable fast DC charging at public charging stations away from home. It is a charger that works in both directions. This implies that power may travel not just from the charger to the car, but also from the car to the charger and ultimately to the house or grid.

Tesla Supercharger


Tesla’s unique plug connector is used on both its automobiles and its Supercharger stations. Tesla Superchargers are 480-volt direct current rapid chargers. Tesla used a modified version of the Type 2 Mennekes plug for its supercharger. This enables the Model S to charge to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is CHAdeMO being phased out?

A. Nissan revealed its intention to ditch the CHAdeMO DC fast charging standard in favor of the competitive CCS standard in 2020. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the only new plug-in car on the market in the United States that still employs CHAdeMO.

Q. Is there an adapter for CCS and CHAdeMO?

A. There are adapters for Tesla vehicles to utilize CHAdeMO chargers, but none for CHAdeMO-equipped vehicles to use CCS or vice versa. In general, CHAdeMO appears to be out of favor.

Q. Can I convert CHAdeMO to CCS?

A. Yes, you can convert CHAdeMO to a CCS adapter however, it would require two mechanical locks interlocked to the control protocol.

Q. Can Tesla charge on a J1772?

A. Tesla is compatible with J1772 and supports charging speeds up to 19.2kW.

Q. Can Tesla charge at CHAdeMO?

A. Every new Model S or Model X is already Supercharging enabled hence, it can charge ChAdeMO. However, for Model S without Supercharging enabled, onboard hardware must be activated to use the CHAdeMO adapter.

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