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Governments, big corporations, and the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world have all made large investments in electric cars which have accelerated the EV revolution. While this poses particular difficulties, it also gives car dealerships a great chance to close the gap for their clients. They not only display their new stock and used cars, but they also provide more value, increase sales, and save operational expenses, and carbon emissions.

In 2021, annual sales of EVs were anticipated to roughly reach 6.3 million units. Currently, there are more than 500 zero-emission vehicle types available at a global level which is an increase of 37% since 2019.

According to McKinsey, by 2030, EV sales would probably account for roughly 53 percent of all passenger car sales due to favorable legislative conditions, rising customer demand, and automakers’ commitment to EV manufacturing.

Who are we?


True EV is a company that provides electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We aim to connect Canadians across the country through frequent and affordable charging stations.

We are dedicated to helping you install charging infrastructure in your home or business. Our expert team of engineers, electricians, and project managers is excited to guide you through each step of the process.

To take this goal a whole another level, we are introducing a new platform for EV charging infrastructure through our own website.

The platform works like a portal, where after logged-in, you will be able to access our options of chargers and dates for booking the installation with our electricians. Think of it as a booking calendar, you first choose the charger with the desired specifications, book a date and time on a calendar for your client, input their email and that’s it, you sold a charger!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dealership Must Partner with True EV

1 – No Inventory; No Hassle

Dealerships have expanded their selection of hybrid and all-electric vehicles, but many don’t know how to account for the needs of EV charging. Dealerships can guarantee adequate inventory for a seamless sales process, long-term management, and servicing accessibility for customers by having a thorough understanding of the whole EV charging infrastructure.

For auto dealers, inventory control is a constant struggle. With True EV, you don’t need to purchase, invest, or manage an inventory related to EV Charging. We hold the inventory for you without any fee and the charger will directly arrive at your customer’s house along with our certified electrician when the day of the booking comes.

2 – No Prior Investments or Sign Up Payments

There are no fees to related to the platform, chargers, or services. You can sign up and access our portal, and make a booking for free.

3 – Commission Per Sale

You would get a commission on the entire amount of the sale, being that the charger and electrician service. Contact us to learn more.

4 – Fast, Secure, & Simple Processing

Our process is fast, simple, and easy. You can book an installation in 2 minutes, within a few clicks. Once it is booked, your customer will receive an email with the details of the purchase, date, and time of the installation.

At the scheduled time, one of our certified electricians will bring the charger with them to install it, and you will receive a notification on the portal stating that the process is complete along with a picture of the final result.

5 – We are flexible!

If there is any request not present on the platform, such as a different type of installation, there is a dedicated direct phone line on the portal to help answer those questions and fulfill those requests.

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