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Due to the rising popularity of electric vehicles, installing EV charging stations at work now seems to be a wiser decision than ever. The addition of an EV charging station at your company’s grounds will most likely improve the ease and affordability of using an electric car for your employees. It showcases the employer’s leadership in bringing the best technology into their firm and aids in accelerating business expansion. Hence, it naturally boosts employee satisfaction and your company’s employee retention rate as well.

“Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty.”

Harvey Mackay – American Businessman & NY Bestselling Author

While there is no denying that electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular still a vast majority of employees across the country feel that their workplaces do not have enough charging stations. Your company might gain greatly by taking action to help those who use electric vehicles. In addition to giving your company a competitive advantage, investing in EV charging stations may also assist your staff and clients while laying the foundation for a more environmentally friendly future.

Let’s take a deeper look into how investing in EV charging stations can boost employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Electric Charging Stations At Work

1 – Allows Your Employees The Convenience To Charge Where They Spend Majority Time

By putting up electric vehicle charging stations, you help your employees save on energy costs and hence, raise employee satisfaction. The workplace seems safe and secure for people who want to leave their EVs on charge for a couple of hours.

Your employees wouldn’t have to worry about getting late to work because they couldn’t charge their EVs in time. They can easily pull in to work, put their car on charging, and get to tackling their to-do list for the day without a single worry. Hence, installing an EV charging station at work will boost their productivity and the company’s additional income.

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2 – Gain Employee Loyalty And A Competitive Advantage Over Your Rivals

Giving a unique workplace experience is becoming more and more important. The majority of EV users require access to charging stations at their workplaces. You can have a huge competitive advantage over your rivals by investing in an EV charging station at the company grounds.

By presenting a safe charging station to your staff, you win their favor and their devotion. The company’s commitment and effectiveness are shown in the availability of EV charging stations at the workplace. The dependable service will satisfy both, existing and potential, customers and staff. Additionally, you can provide your employees the opportunity to play a crucial part in pushing the worldwide EV revolution.

3 – Reduces Carbon Footprint By Promoting The Use of Eco-Friendly Driving Solutions

You can drastically lower your company’s carbon impact by providing workplace charging. By making it easier for people to drive electric vehicles, EV charging stations help cut down on pollution. This has a positive effect on everyone at work and shows the world that your brand is concerned about the climate. It inspires your employees to take action toward a greener environment with a reduced carbon footprint.

4 – Market Your Business To Potential Employees

Installing EV charging stations can even help your company rank on Google Maps so that people can find charging locations and notice you. By installing EV charging stations at work, you may expand your clientele and grow your revenue.

The majority of employees should have access to environmentally friendly workplaces. Businesses that adopt this emerging trend stand to gain from EV charging stations, tax advantages, increased reputation, and more. Only a few companies have electric car charging stations hence, potential and existing employees consider it to be a huge plus point when looking for long-term work opportunities.

5 – Allows Your Employees To Attain Tax Incentives

To help the world achieve its climate change goals, governments all over the world are devoted to expanding the number of electric vehicles on the road. Hence, they have established a number of tax incentives and subsidies for businesses and people in order to attain these objectives.

Did you know, as a business owner, you are eligible for a limited-time rebate of up to 75% on EV Charging Stations?

To learn more about tax incentives and EV charging rebates take a look at Electric Vehicles Are Becoming More Affordable Thanks To Rebate Reforms and How To Take Advantage of Rebates for Affordable Home Charging?

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