22 Aug, 23


True EV is thrilled to announce its latest innovative solution aimed at empowering Indigenous communities with Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure. Recently recognized as advancing to the next round of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Solve Challenge, the company is manufacturing EV Charging Stations that showcase unique Indigenous artwork which depict stories representing the local communities. 

“It’s important we invest into local manufacturing if we want our people and communities to thrive. As we continue to grow, we envision expanding our manufacturing capabilities throughout Canada and partnering with other communities to establish local manufacturing hubs,” shared Derek Douglas, member of Oneida Nation and CEO of True EV. “When we transform our environments into meaningful reminders of our ways of being, we ascend to a higher consciousness connecting us to cultures and communities.”

The MIT Challenge

The MIT Solve Challenge addresses some of the world’s most pressing challenges through innovation and collaboration. Solve seeks to bring together innovators, experts, and organizations from different sectors to develop and implement solutions to global problems. The solutions are reviewed by a panel of experts, and the most promising ones are selected as Solve finalists. It was announced this week that out of approximately 152 companies, True EV was one of a few who advanced to the next round.

Next Steps

The BC-based business aims to use the funds from the MIT Solve Challenge to provide more job opportunities for artists across the nation. The projects will give artists a platform to showcase their work and share their stories with a larger audience, which they suggest will help foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of Indigenous culture. The winners of the Solve Challenge are anticipated to be announced in the coming months.

For more information about this solution, visit TrueEVCharging.com/truecharge-initiative.

About True EV:

As a certified Aboriginal Business in BC, True EV focuses on sharing the stories of the First Nations through art and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. They manage clean tech infrastructure projects for First Nation communities in urban and remote locations across Canada. 

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